Friday, June 02, 2006

The Last Night of Tomorrow

The twilight creeps on us
As if a mirage;
The rusty colored night glows amidst the twinkling stars.
I thought I knew who I was
So did u.
But all is lost in the darkest deep of this night.
The ashes of yesterday’s glory blacken my hands
The ambers singe the pupils of my eyes
And we, in our youth, thought it was all a nightmare.

Toxic wind of the black sooty chimneys
Contaminate the ethereal breeze of this night:
Why the deaths, the disillusionment of the living?
I thought the burial ground was sacred
But here I write the saddest poem of this starry night.
The holy books cant rescue us now
Not now, not forever,
Coz our dreams died young and our hopes were stillborn
The blue page was torn from my journal
On such a night.

Tonight is that night we were forewarned of
When the fiery stars all will drop to this earth
Mocking the very edifice of our faith;
There is not enough silence here
Not here in this eerie, dead night
We are the forsaken unborns from the womb
O mother, why have u cast us away?
Why have all the children gone blind?
The virgin nun prays at this blood-smeared altar.

And I believe in tomorrows and the Holy Ghost
Alas! The right time has passed and this isn’t the place to be:

I and my comrades walk on red violets
Beneath the posies, lie the corpses of my forefathers
Why curse the butterfly which caused the thunder
We are to blame for this endlessly stretching night.
The search begins here---from here and now
We are the Jews who survived the camps
And the Promised Land shouldn’t be too far.

Ps-written prob an yr bac…..whn I read it t’day, I don’t like d metaphor in d last 2 lines…seems sumhow a mockery of the whole spirit in d poem!! But m surprised dat I mentioned d “chaos theory” thru d butterfly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

did u show me this earlier?:S
nice poem tho....reflects the circumstances for one, complete with the mental state

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

have u shown it to me earlier?:S
the poem brings out the mental anguish in the circumstance astoundingly well!! i never knew u wrote so well..

3:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A well executed poem (leaving aside the last 2 lines;) I can now understand your state of mind back then. I'm sure this would be acting as a catharsis for u. At least my blog does for me. keep writing, and as u build around a network of ppl who comment, you get to know deal with urself better. the bitterness then comes with lime (i like lime ;P) and it was a nice thing about the butterfly effect. as u say "keep trippin on life!!" hail deathwish!

6:43 AM  
Blogger Whatever said...

very beautifully expressed n articulatd poem... keep it up...

12:20 AM  
Blogger Whatever said...

very beautifully expressed... gr8 style of articulation... keep it up!!!

12:21 AM  
Blogger Vidya said...

I can see a strong impression of Sylvia Plath in your poetry...

4:20 AM  

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